Research with Real Impact.

Dr. John W. Cassidy Translational Medicine Research Institute

The mission of the research institute within Nexus Hope Foundation
is to promote basic research regarding early intervention as it relates to
brain injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Advanced Brain Injury Research.

The purpose of our brain injury research is to publish data and findings to ultimately help individuals receive the most effective treatment and neurorehabilitation available. It is through retrospective studies and prospective trials that we evaluate treatments and best practices for hospitals and other care facilities to leverage for similar outcomes in their brain injured patients.

Retrospective research is conducted by collecting information from patient records and deidentifying them to analyze for positive trends of impact of treatment. Right now, the research institute is focusing on two specific drugs and their treatment impact on those with brain injury.

The research institute also conducts prospective clinical trials. These trials are designed to identify the effectiveness of a treatment method and consenting Nexus Health Systems patients will be part of the study.

Studies and trials are always ongoing, and as findings are published, details will be shared below.
Check back often to read about the ground-breaking research taking place.

Our Mission

Our mission is trifold, supporting brain-injured individuals, focusing on
brain injury prevention and awareness within the community, and conducting
and sharing groundbreaking research.

Providing charity care
to individuals who meet eligibility criteria for medical equipment and supplies.

educational programs,
sharing information about brain injury and other neurological disorder to the general public and medical community.

basic research
regarding early intervention as it relates to brain injury recovery.

Meet the Research Team

John W. Cassidy, MD

Geetha Ravindranathan, MS

Current Research Projects

The Nexus Hope Foundation research team is currently completing ground-breaking studies aimed at improving the medical care, treatment, and rehabilitation of those with acquired and traumatic brain injuries.

Naltrexone for the treatment of skin picking disorder in patients with Prader–Willi syndrome: A retrospective study


To evaluate the use of naltrexone as a therapeutic agent in treatment of skin picking in patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Watch the poster presentation to learn more:

View Poster

Recovery of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury from Coma to Full Consciousness


To evaluate therapy-related and clinical factors in patients with acquired brain injury.

Prader-Willi Syndrome Repository at Nexus Health Systems


To evaluate the therapeutic factors that affect the clinical outcomes of patients with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS).

Prospective Recovery of Patients with Acquired Brain Injury at Nexus Health Systems


To assess clinical factors and prognostic markers that may be useful to anticipate decisions and further improve the care of patients with acquired brain injury.