Awareness and Advocacy That Makes an Impact

Artwork by child at Nexus Children's Hospital

Medical & Behavioral Health Awareness Initiatives.

At Nexus Hope Foundation, we believe that community awareness around medical and behavioral health needs and services is critical. To that end, we host various initiatives for community stakeholders, medical professionals, and non-licensed caregivers.

Community Events

Partnering with local and national organizations, Nexus Hope Foundation hosts community outreach events, focused on how we can all make a difference in the lives of individuals with medical and behavioral needs.

Educational Events

Nexus Hope Foundation sponsors events designed to educate the public, medical professionals, and non-licensed caregivers.

Helmet Awareness

Nexus Hope Foundation Head-First Helmet Program was designed to educate the community on the importance of wearing a helmet while bike riding to prevent brain injury. In addition to teaching the community about safety practices, we donate bike helmets to children and adults in communities across Texas.